The Vanishing Bride

Dear Stranger,

Thank you for agreeing to help me. I can't be involved in this case directly, as Cally is a friend of mine, but hopefully with the resources I was able to collect for you you'll be able to piece this together.

As you find answers, put them into the relevant fields on the left. The Clarity Loves Unsolved Enigmas engine, or C.L.U.E Engine, is very intelligent and will allow you to send your findings through to me once you've got something.

Best of luck,
Detective Alex Conroy

C.L.U.E. Engine will allow you to submit your findings once it detects that you have provided a plausible solution.

Need a hand?

Clues are available if you need a little help. To avoid spoilers, they’re hidden far down the page.

This is a strange piece of paper, isn’t it? One of the words looks very different to the others, why would it be formatted like that? Some things are not as they seem, and some things have changing meanings depending entirely on your perspective on the matter.

One of the words on this slip is different from the others. If it only reads one way to you, try to look at it from another perspective.

Perhaps it’s part of something larger?

It reads “He did it for her cash” when reading it straight, but flip it and that word reads “love”. Maybe “love” goes somewhere else?

This confession should make the case open and shut, if only he hadn’t confessed before Lady Calliope went missing! It does seem odd he did that, though, doesn’t it?

Consider his rehearsed confession, and the handwritten note scrawled at the bottom of that page. Is there perhaps another message hidden in plain sight?

“past his prime” is a big hint to the truth hidden on this page. With prime numbers and a little effort, you might just be able to tease another meaning from his confession.

What’s that scrawled along the top corner of his headshot? It doesn’t make much sense as it is. Perhaps it’s a cipher? Though, if Mr. Sprinkles wrote it, it’s probably a fairly simple one.

What’s that on the back, though? And why it written at such an odd angle?

The back of the headshot might be part of something else, but it won’t be useful for solving the cipher on the front. The cipher isn’t especially encrypted, once you’ve found the solution.

If you need a little extra help, look up “transposition ciphers”

Sometimes, you’re allowed to be a lazy investigator. You have a confession, maybe you have a motive…

Don’t overthink this. Ignore anything out of the ordinary.

With a little investigation, perhaps you’ve found some holes in Mr. Sprinkles confession? Why did the detective include his headshot, though?

And this invoice is for an awful lot of money. Must be a rush job?

The note; “He did it for..”; just read it all exactly as written. All the one way up.

The truth is never easy to find. If it wasn’t the jester, or his creditor, then who could it possibly be?

You’ll need to put the pieces together to solve this. Some may fit together neater than you think.

Mr. Sprinkles confession still holds a lot of value, you’ll just have to look a little bit closer at what he’s saying.

It doesn’t seem like there’s any hidden messages on the guestlist, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come in handy. Do you know of anybody on the guestlist who perhaps isn’t as they seem? Someone whose identity is in question?