Congratulations, I’m thrilled to see you’re wise enough to join our game. I’m sure the other players are just dying to meet you. Get your affairs in order, we’ll be by to play. Soon.

Turn off the lights. Close the blinds.

When I knock three times, don’t answer.

When I knock four times, open the door. I won’t be there. Leave your house. Leave the door open. Run. RUN. Only come back when you hear a fox’s cry.

Before you enter the house, knock three times.

Nobody will answer. Come in. We’re inside. We’re ready to play.

You did it! You solved the Game Master’s Gambit and joined this exclusive group! But…the players don’t seem all that excited. Maybe, just maybe, there’s some way you can help them. Take another look at what you have, you might find a way to subvert the entire process. You have achieved ending 1 of 2: The Game Begins