The Game Master’s Gambit

Well then, let’s see if you were worth all the hassle, then. Put your answers in below and we’ll see just what you’re made of.

…Or, if you need a little help, there’s a few hints at the bottom of this page. I’ve put them far down the page, so you won’t be too tempted. You’ll also find plaintext versions of the players awful handwriting, if you have trouble reading it – I wouldn’t blame you, if that’s the case.

The "Submit" button will appear if, and only if you have correctly filled in each aspect of your character sheet!

Plaintext versions of paper elements

Name: Harvester

Race: Orc

Class: Druid

God: The Game Master

Strong: 17

Fast: 13

Mind: 22

Social: 6


My Mind, Descending

32 rations

Negative energy staff

3 fang necklace

“Times of Change” novel

5 rotten seeds of rebirth

Note to self: Remind the new blood our GM is obsessed with TEA, and occasionally pours it into his writing. We all got used to it eventually.

Name: Kiri

Race: Grandpa

Class: Sword Wizard

God: The Game Master

Strong: 22

Fast: 14

Mind: 10

Social: 5


Extremely cool sword

The best hair in the party

Mysterious and tragic backstory

Cool armour (see attached 24,000 word short story about how it was forged)

It’s pretty weird that the GM boosted one of everybody’s stats to 22. We must be about to face something big.

Name: Ocean

Race: Mostly human

Class: Archer

God: The Game Master

Strong: 14

Fast: 22

Mind: 12

Social: 17



Backup bow

Sunday best bow

Bow (favourite)

Bow (decorative)

Crossbow (for weddings and funerals)

Bowtie (to annoy Kiri)

The little symbols arranged on this page are: “a”, “2”, “…”, “IV”, 5 dots arranged like a die face, “18:00”, and “The end came too fast*”

Name: Nibblin’Far

Race: Frog

Class: Necromancer

God: The Game Master

Strong: 8

Fast: 12

Mind: 22

Social: 10


Ghost friend

Scythe (gift from Death)

A ceaseless sorrow that threatens to engulf the universe


we have a nEw player joIning. i hope they’re social. i’d love another roleplayer in the Group. if they die i can always resurrect tHem. or their characTer.

Name: Ozzy

Race: Bear!

Class: Drunken Monk

God: The Game Master

Strong: 22

Fast: 9

Mind: 16

Social: 7


I’m a BEAR!

Bear armour!

Remember: faction can’t be the same as somebody else’s. GM’s orders!


That’s a terribly strange message written on your character sheet, isn’t it? Is there anything that the GM might have been pre-occupied with whilst writing it?

You don’t seem to have a list of classes available, do you? That lore sheet mentions a few in passing, but what might pinpoint which is yours?

Seems the players don’t get much of a choice in this one, do they?

You don’t need to solve the complex puzzle written on the back of your character sheet, but taking a look at it will help. Somebody else has left you a note with a special rule about factions; that, combined with what factions are mentioned in the various rules you’ve been given, should help you deduce your own faction from the list the GM has given you.

If you’ve not been left any hints about what this stat might be try leaving it a while until you’ve solved the others, and consider the notes you’ve been left.

Someone has left you a message; quite a few, in fact. Once you connect the dots your Fast will be staring you in the face.

This one will be tricky. Take a look and see if anybody has mentioned this particular stat. If you find your answer isn’t working, remember BIDMAS – specifically, that multiplication happens before addition or subtraction.

Somebody may have mentioned Social – take another look. Is there anything a little…peculiar about that message?

If you’re having trouble seeing it, the “plaintext” versions on this page may help you greatly here.

Once you’ve got your stats figured out, only one piece of equipment is available to you. Remember that the hints on the back of your character sheet, and the strange things you’re told to do, do not affect your actual stats and thus what equipment you qualify for.

This is going to be difficult. A pen and paper will probably help you a lot, here. This sort of puzzle is typically called a Zebra or Einstein puzzle. Try drawing a small grid with the characters and factions you’re trying to figure out, and you’ll find only one solution is possible. From there, arrange the character sheets in that order – you’ll find some arrows that will help you ensure you’ve got everything pointing the correct direction. From there, you’ll be able to reconfigure your stats and solve the last puzzle!

No worries. Contact me and I’ll be happy to help.