The Game Master’s Gambit

Welcome, my darling new player! If you’re here it must mean you’re ready to prove your worth and submit your character sheet for perusal? …Or does it mean you require a hint?

Well, the form the submit your answers is down below. I do hope you’ve got it all right. The hints are much further below, to help you avoid temptation.

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I'll unlock the button to submit your answers once I have faith you haven't completely embarrassed yourself.

Your Strong is going to be tricky to find; if you haven’t already filled in a lot of the rest of your character sheet, maybe come back to this later.

Then, question whether perhaps consistent patterns amongst your fellow players perhaps hold true for you.

Has anybody referenced this particular stat?

Have they, perhaps, left clues, all with the helpful hint on how to interpret them?

Have they, perhaps, made the assumption that your mind score is high enough to do some maths?

This one is going to be hard. You’ll need to really step back and look at this from another perspective, you’re going to have to think outside the box and connect the dots here.

It may be worth doing a Google search for Greek numbers, if you’re especially confused by some of the things you’ve seen.

Do any of your fellow players seem to particularly value this stat?

There are hidden codes all over their character sheets, look for every sort of clue in the messages they’ve left behind.

…Where have they gone, by the way? It’s probably fine.

There’s not a whole lot of classes referenced, amongst the materials you’ve been given. Find them and examine them.

You’ll have to really shine a light on this issue if you want to get anywhere.

There’s two parts to this, and you’ll need to combine them to get anywhere. Find a clue that doesn’t seem helpful, and a code that doesn’t seem to make sense. How might you combine them to make something more helpful?

You’ve been given a strong hint as to what this is; take a look at what’s available, the rules of how Factions can be distributed, and you’ll soon find the answer.

There’s no question at all here. You know this.

You’ll have to know this, if you’re going to make it in this game.

They’re not hidden, just locked behind your other stats. Ensure you take only the item you’re allowed access to.

(Your DM probably won’t find out if you look at the others though….probably.)